Cocoto Platform Jumper
Jan 2007 26

Story :

A long time ago, in a far away land, a community of small, strange creatures lived in the depths of Abyss. Cocoto, his little demon friends, and the mysterious Fairy protect the secret of magma the source of their strength in a magic pot. But Zaron, the God of Lightening, seeks to possess this secret and is plotting something…!
Play Cocoto and his friends in devilish races! [..]

Back to stone
Dec 2006 14

Story :

According to the legend, there used to be a peaceful world where technology and nature co-existed in harmony. The humans had long ago gained enough wisdom to forget what war, starvation or illness was. That is all we know about this ancient civilization. One single man managed to plunge this heaven into chaos. [..]

Racing Fever
May 2006 12

Story :

“Racing Fever” is retro top-down racing at its very best… Choose from one of 6 sexy, super charged vehicles, as you speed your way across a variety of challenging tracks, in the car of your dreams!” [..]

Cocoto Kart Racer
Apr 2006 07

Story :

Cocoto is back for this new challenge! The friendliest of imps now has a well-balanced kart and numerous powers at his disposal! Play Cocoto and his friends in devilish races! [..]

Postman Pat
Mar 2006 17

Story :

In the newest adventures of Postman Pat for the Gameboy Advance the child will experience lots of action and adventure as well as a collection of bonus mini-games to provide a happy and entertaining gaming experience.

On a school outing the children find Greendale’s old forgotten steam train. Ajay Bains is arranging a grand opening of the new train station where the new train will be unveilled. Postman Pat has offered to help, delivering invitations to everyone in addition to his other errands for the opening. [..]

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