Franklin – a birthday surprise
Jun 2006 16

Story :

Franklin is a young turtle who, along with his animal friends, is learning how he its in the world and how the world its him. Franklin learns by making mistakes. When he doesn’t tell the truth, gets lost or acts bossy, he usually ends solutions himself, learning lessons the Franklin way – but also having fun in the process. Join the popular boy turtle Franklin on his great adventures ! Franklin wants to organise a surprise birthday party for his best friend Bear. Franklin’s mother is helping him and writes him a list of all the things he’ll need to pick-up for the party. In collecting the items for the party Franklin has to progress through 10 different platforms navigating his way around clever traps & solving puzzles to advance, all of this with his friends wanting to play hide & seek making it harder for him to concentrate on his errands. [..]

Cocoto Funfair
Apr 2006 07

Cocoto Funfair

Plate-forme : Game Cube

Story :

Free Fairy and become a sharp shooter ! [..]

Cocoto Kart Racer
Apr 2005 22

Story :

The holy cauldron of Cocoto has disappeared ! The Imps are in danger of loosing all their powers! Their only chance to recover them is to beat all their opponents in a series of fierce kart races to win the prize: the mysterious cauldron! [..]

Cocoto Platform Jumper
Dec 2004 10

Story :

A long time ago, in a far away land, a community of small, strange creatures lived in the depths of Abyss. Cocoto, his little demon friends, and the mysterious Fairy protect the secret of magma the source of their strength in a magic pot. But Zaron, the God of Lightening, seeks to possess this secret and is plotting something…!
Play Cocoto and his friends in devilish races! [..]

Charlie’s Angels
Jul 2003 24

Story :

Join Natalie, Dylan and Alex for the ultimate Charlie’s Angels experience.Use clever disguises, tactical espionnage and acrobatic martial arts to kick some serious butt and ensure a sucessful mission. [..]

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