Without being limited to a particular function, today it is the needs of each project that define the contribution of Neko Entertainment as a developer, publisher and / or co-producer.


The little Japanese cat’s company was born in 1999, when 3 passionate pioneers in the French video game industry decided to join forces to develop qualitative and creative video games.

Rapidly, the studio has developed an in-house technology – called the Neko Game Development Kit (NGDK) – which allows its productions to be simultaneously introduced across all existing platforms, hence establishing, throughout the years, a privileged relationship with publishers, distributors and console makers.

Driven to combine exciting game content into fun gameplay, Neko Entertainment has created and developed its own licenses since 2003, such as the “Cocoto Collection” and many more.

Being renowned for passion and seriousness, Neko Entertainment has collaborated continuously with various publishers, producers and independent studios over the last 15 years, thus extending its expertise.

To date, according to each project’s needs, Neko Entertainment may contribute as a developer, producer or publisher, without limitation to any specific role.


Here are current projects that Neko Entertainment has been involved in :

Puddle, finalist at the « Student showcase » for the Independent Games Festival in 2010 which was conceived by 6 ENJMIN students. This simulation game based upon the physics of fluids was developed by the student team with Neko Entertainment, co-published and co-distributed by Konami for the PSN/XBLA. Recently, Neko Entertainment has developed and published the game on many digital platforms and consoles : Wii U, PS Vita, Leap Motion, Ouya, iOS, Android, Amazon devices, Windows Store, STEAM for, PC, Mac and Linux. It will soon be available on PS4.

Kung Fu Rabbit, a platform game which was at first developed by Ctools Studio for Android and iOS; Neko Entertainment has made the game available for Wii U, PS Vita, PS3 and 3DS consoles.

Storm, a puzzle game developed by Eko Software where natural elements are the core of the gameplay. It is available on STEAM for PC, MAC and Linux.

The Mysterious Cities of Gold, an adventure game based on the famous TV Series, developed by Neko and published by Ynnis Interactive. It is available in 11 languages (1st game in Arabic for the Nintendo console) on Wii U and 3DS consoles, plus on STEAM for PC, MAC and Linux.

Poöf vs The Cursed kitty, a mix between a tower defense and an action-platformer game, developed by Arkedo with Neko Entertainment and published on STEAM for PC, MAC and Linux.

Wooden Sen’Sey, an action-platformer game set in a “Japan SteamRock” universe, developed by Upper Byte Studio and co-produced with Neko Entertainment. The game has been finalist at the Indie Cade Festival and winner of the Advisory Board Special Prize at the Game Connection Asia in 2012. It is available on STEAM for PC, MAC and Linux and soon will be available on Wii U.

The Inner World, a 2D Point’n Click Adventure game, developed by Studio Fizbin, co-published by Neko Entertainment with Head Up Games. It won the TOMMI (German Software Award) and the Best Game in Show and Advisors Choice for the Indie Prize in Kyiv in 2013. It is available on STEAM for PC, MAC and Linux.

Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon, a Run & Gun developped by Le Cortex for Neo Geo and Steam. A concentrate of madness and love of old fashioned action/RPG.

Tetrobot and Co., a sweet Puzzle game, sequel to Block That Matter, create and developped by Swing Swing Submarine for PC and mobile, developped by Neko for consoles.

Gauge, a psychedelic arcade games, developped by Etienne Périn for iOS, now available on Steam.

NekoBuro – Cats Block, is a super kawaï /cute match-3 game, developped by Achtung! and FK Digital, for Facebook and Vita Asia. The game is now available in Europe and USA on PS Vita.

Isbarah, a hardcore game mixing platform and bullet hell, developped by Leikir Studio for PC.

Replay VHS is not dead, a Puzzle game in the movie universe. Your remote control will be your best asset. Developped by IIM students inside Neko, and available for PC, Mac and soons consoles.

Californium, is an exploration game inspired by Phillip K.Dick’s life and artwork, developped by Darjeeling, published by Arte and produced by Nova Prod. Find anomalies and explore multiple realities in Californium. Available on PC for beginning of 2016.

HeartZ, is a puzzle game loaded with humor, playable and replayable from 1 to 3 players. Second game from Upper Byte studio, it will be available on PC in 2016.

Beam Gleam, a shoot’em up in which you can’t shoot! Developped by a student team (ENJMIN) inside Neko, the game explore in a new way shmup gameplay and will be available in 2016 on PC.

JumpHead: Battle4Fun!, is a party game, for 2 to 4 players. Jump on your opponents and triumph through lots of levels, bonus and modes! Developped by a team of students (IUT bobigny) inside Neko and available in 2016.


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